Collaboration with Petit h / Hermès

Currently, I find that there are not many ways to encourage people every day. With these decorative cockades, I would like to symbolically congratulate those who support petit h’s concept.
Reusing materials, avoiding waste and taking care of objects are all behaviors to adopt now. And I would like to « reward » people who have this sensitivity.

We rarely have the opportunity to see or wear cockades. But when we do, it is often in an extraordinary context such as ceremonies or awards. They are, therefore, a bit out of our daily lives. Bringing them up to date with little h was also a way to bring them back to a certain reality.

Because of its festive character, I would like to give joy or pride to those who wear them. You always feel a certain excitement when wearing a unique accessory or garment with beautiful finishing. It is this feeling that I seek and want to share with people: to feel good and ready for an exceptional day.