Collaboration with a Japanese craftsman supported by the Ministry of industry of Japan.
The purpose of this project is to revitalize and to update the Japanese know-how.

The kamakura-bori is a craft technique of more than 800 years which finds its source in the Buddhist altars of the Zen temples of the 13th century.
The sculptors produce their works with techniques of wood engraving and application of lacquer.
It is an exceptional art which conjugates the soft texture of the wood, the noble atmosphere arisen from the precision of the scissors of engraving and the brightness and the solidity of the Japanese lacquer.

I chose to turn to the conception of boxes.
While being very personal objects, they are also universal objects.
Independently of the nationality or the sex, this act to keep things which are precious for one is common to all.
By thinking again about childhood memories, there was always somebody who put down his precious objects inside a box.
Boxes are a small personal universe but also a kind of temporal capsule.

I was interested in the boxes which we take in two hands.
Indeed, you can confide directly this small personal universe or this temporal capsule to a person important for you or also offer it as a present.
When you tighten it to someone, two worlds mix. At this moment, something bigger and invisible is born which exceeds the physical shape.
Therefore, boxes always exercise their fascination on people.