I’m a big fan of Hitchcock films. The first movie I saw was Rear Window. The reason I was (and still am) so attracted to this film is surely due to the beauty of Grace Kelly. Anyway, I became interested in the notion of suspense from this film.
This series of plates is inspired by the world of suspense.
In the movies, it is often the eyes or the mouth that visually mark the dramatic tension. But hands also have their importance in terms of expression, hence this series of plates on hands.The red gloves are inspired by Annie Lennox.

The drawings describe the stages of a crime:
“Shh! Don’t tell others”
« The crime (? but it is not certain because she has no weapon) »
“Are there any witnesses?”
 » Classified Story »

Hand drawn, Made in Limoges, Diameter: 22 and 27 cm