Scenography for the department store Isetan Shinjuku, April 10th – 23th 2019, Tokyo

As part of the annual fair dedicated to French lifestyle in Isetan, I created the scenography for one of the corners.
Three brands with ties to France were presented, including mine, Aire de Jeu.

In our current society, we can access information right away. When you want to buy something, you can easily order it online. It’s usually cheaper also! So we spend a lot of time walking around virtually.
Then why do we still have to go to shop ?
I would like to find a meaning in this activity “go out”. That is why space design is very important. It is a space to share an experience, an emotion and especially to create a bond with others.

The theme of this year’s fair was: A walk in Paris. When I have time, I like to walk around Paris without a clear goal. I often discover great shops, new restaurants, a street I had never been on before… There are always surprises.
My other idea was to add the circus theme. It is easy to imagine that the circus is a place that is always boiling and attractive.
With these two elements of inspiration, I tried to create a very festive space.