Scenography / Meet My Project

Paris Design Week, September 5th – 8th 2019 at l’Espace Commines

This time it’s a collaboration with 3M, the famous company that offers all kinds of adhesives worldwide.

I wanted to create a space like a small palace of light or give the impression of a sparkling palette.
The exhibition space is thus very bright. So I wanted to exploit the brilliance created in this situation.

Light exists naturally on our planet like air, water or vegetation…Unfortunately, we end up not paying attention to it. Nor do we realise that the structure of a city, of our environment, of a civilisation or even of our mind is connected with light.

To do this, I made mobiles with the iridiscent film «Dichroic». It is not this object that has inhabited the space but the luminous reflections created by its movements. This film transports us into an enigmatic and dreamlike universe.
With my team, we installed a chrome film to create a reverb on the floor, so that the space would be brighter. It also enhances the display of objects.
Well, I think the color is mostly related to our emotion. I always hope that we share a positive emotion through my achievements.

Thanks to
3M : Mister Yashima, Fabien and particularly Alice
My « Dream Team » : Marilou, Lola, Aline, Lou and Chloé